Scripture and Revelation: Papers Presented at the First Irfan Colloquium

This third volume in the Studies in Bábí and Bahá’í Religions Series brings together the work of a number of outstanding international scholars. It’s comprised of a selection of papers presented at the first two Irfán Colloquia, focusing on the theme of ‘scripture and revelation.’

Robert Stockman writes on the meaning of revelation in light of the then recent publication of the Kitab-i-Aqdas in English. Stephen Lambden discusses Baha’i interpretation of the New Testament, and the importance of the Paraclete (Holy Spirit). Julio Savi tells a love story, connecting The Hidden Words to our relationship with the Covenant, and how it might bring us closer to God. Seena Fazel tries to untangle exclusivist interpretations of Christianity and how it relates to the Baha’i Revelation. And more essays on Zoroastrianism and the “Maid of Heaven”, the meanings of the Days of God, Quranic commentary in the works of the Bab, and the value of critical approaches to the Writings of Baha’u’llah.


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