The Baha’i Faith in Words and Images

Comprehensive and beautiful! This is a stunning introduction to the Bahá’í Faith for seekers and a satisfying tour of the Bahá’í world for believers. The book captures and demonstrates the unity of humanity through photographs of Bahá’ís around the world and the architectural heritage of the Bahá’í community. It is a proud display of the achievements of generations of Bahá’ís who scattered over the planet to make the Bahá’í Faith a world religion.

In this age when many people are occupied with global issues of freedom, human rights, peace, and religious intolerance, the Bahá’í Faith and its teachings are more relevant than ever before. This volume combines comprehensive coverage of the Faith’s teachings, texts, practices, community life, and organization, with images richly reflecting its international diversity. Paul Slaughter spent three years traveling around the world to capture the photographs, from remote tribes in Papua New Guinea to villages in the mountains of Peru, taking in every continent. Breathtaking photography and intelligent accompanying text are combined to produce a beautiful book that is an accessible introduction to one of the fastest-growing religions of today.

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John Danesh, Paul Slaughter, Seena Fazel

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Book Author

John Danesh, Paul Slaughter, Seena Fazel








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