Thy Kingdom Come: A Biblical Introduction to the Baha’i Faith – Revised Edition

Revised Edition

Millions of Christians pray daily for the coming of the Kingdom of God: Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The Baha’i Faith makes the astounding claim that the promises of the coming of the Kingdom found in the New Testament have already been fulfilled. The Kingdom is at hand, and the Will of God is even now being worked out on earth.

In this new edition that expands and clarifies original content, one Baha’i offers the proof. Carefully, reviewing the prophecies that are found in the Bible, the author presents all the signs that should accompany the coming of a New Day. His interpretation of familiar verses argues persuasively that three divine calls have been made since the coming of Christ.

The author quotes extensively from the Bible and from the Baha’i Sacred Scriptures in this scholarly title. Christians and Baha’is will be amazed at the level of detail the Bible provides in helping us understand the Baha’i Revelation and the spirit of our times.


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